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We're not like the other guys
We listen.

Our motto is: “let’s talk” but we certainly don’t do all the talking. We take the time to sit down with you, and give you the personal service and attention you deserve. Customer service is our first priority.

We’re connected.

We are committed to being experts in all things real estate. That means staying up-to-date with market trends, statistics, current laws, regulations, and cases that affect the real estate industry – and we use this information to give you the right advice.

We’re patient.

We get that you may not like the first house we show you. Or the fifth one. Or the twentieth. We’ll work with you till you find the perfect place, no matter how selective you are.

We tell it like it is.

If a house isn’t worth the asking price (or the price you’re willing to pay for it), we’ll tell you. And if we think you’re asking too much for yours in a slow market, we’ll share our expertise with you on that as well.

We’re low pressure.

Pushy isn’t our style. Our approach is casual yet professional, friendly and accommodating. (Unless, of course, we need to be a bit more aggressive on your behalf).

We’re hands on.

We’re not one of those Toronto mega real estate teams where you think you’re hiring the big name and get shunted off to a newbie. We handle things personally. With dedicated agents working together, you get the name and the experience working for you. Guaranteed.

We respect other agents. And they respect us too.

Over the years, we’ve built positive relationships with many other agents. They know we’re professional and capable – which can go a long way when an offer’s on the table.

We go above and beyond (and then some).

We do everything we can to make the experience great. Showings on short notice? No problem. Need help picking colours for your new place? We’ll arrange a consultation with an expert. Ready to celebrate your new home? We’ll bring the bubbly.

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